The final God of poverty and God of wealth 貧乏神と福の神

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Sep 15, 2012 12:28
The young couple two were looking for them two Gods said, "
Oh, look out! t's dangerous!" "God of poverty, don't get beaten!" It was the God of wealth that was surprised to hear that. "What? How come they support the God of poverty?" それを見ていた夫婦は、「あっ、危ない!」「貧乏神さま、負けるでねえぞ!」それを聞いておどろいたのは、福の神です。「何で? 何で、貧乏神を応援するんじゃあ?」

The young couple two and the God of poverty were pushing the God of wealth to the outside of the house.  The three had got him out of their house. 夫婦は貧乏神と一緒に、福の神を家の外へ押し出します。
「わっせい! わっせい!」

The God of wealth, were driven out, were in utter amazement. "I'm a God of wealth must be valued by all. The God of poverty whom there is inside must be hated by all. Why is this situation?" The God of wealth got out of there wondering why it was. " "We've got done. " 追い出された福の神は、あぜん、ぼうぜん。「わし、福の神よ。中にいるのが、貧乏神。貧乏神は嫌われて、福の神は大切にされるはずなのに。これはいったい、どういう事?」首をひねりながら、すごすごと引きあげて行きました。「やった、やった!」

It was New year holiday on the next day. They celebrated New year holidays with the God of poverty. Though they weren't going to rich because of the God of poverty, lived a happy life forever.

in the end. おしまい