What is "Chuunibyo" , eighth-grade syndrome ?

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Nov 8, 2012 00:45
"Chuunibyo" is an illness which many adolescents would have who are around 14 years old,

eighth-grade in school. The typical symptom is being caught by delusions of grandeur.

Once it gets into their mind, they start to regard themselves as a great person, the greatest

in the world. They also create their own world of delusion as if they were God.

In that world, they can have a special power which anybody else can't command (haha).

For example, he notices this world is all fake and nobody but him is not real, being ruled

by very evil power of underground institution. At the same time he gets able to command

a hidden supernatural power such as controlling fire, producing a strong weapon from

spiritual energy or flying in the sky....

But he has to keep secret the truth to other people, he is a lonely hero in the world.

Most Japanese anime and manga for young children make them get into "Chuunibyo".

Once they are affected by "Naruto", ninja will be a dream job in their lives.

As long as "Dragon Ball" leads them into its attractive world, they will start training

in order to master martial arts and shoot "energy bullet".

It is also one of the symptoms the young patients fall in love with anime characters and

desire to go out with them. They buy small and detailed dolls of beautiful anime characters

to satisfy their desires. In a serious case, they start to write an original love story or

draw a cartoon in which they are the protagonists.

These are serious conditions, aren't they? So how should we deal with this illness?

There is no good medicine which works well but as time passes by, they get normal.

Looking backward, it is so embarrassing past to remember that the patient needs

long time to accept this childish memory, the days haunted by adolescent delusions.

Though it is embarrassing, the memory reminds him of the past peaceful day.

And it is a good proof that they had rich imagination to enjoy himself.

So we don't have to worry about this paranoia unless it brings out bad effects in real life.

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