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I am very interested in learning different languages, because I hope to travel one day. Japanese has always captivated me, It sounds so fascinating and I would really love to visit the country for an extended period of time in the future. German has also interested me for most of my life. I am currently taking a basic level German course offered at my school and I would really like to expand my knowledge on the subject. On the note of Japanese.. I know basically no kanji.. xD I can only write in romanji at the current time.. well, except my name of course xD I would love to find a way to learn kanji somewhere.. I don't have the time or money for a course.. but, who knows, I might just be able to learn it somehow C:

Testimonials from My Friends

Hi, i'm learning English, i don't know whether i can help you leran other language or not, but we can see each other's article Have a good day