Living in Japan

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Jun 25, 2009 03:39
In June of 2007, I went to Japan to be intention to working in a food factory with my mother. To live in a country of first world is totally different, it has one better chance of life, The culture and the beauty of the country are very rich, the landscape that I more admire is the flowers of cherries that unclasp and to makebeatiful the country during the spring.
Another aspect surprised that me was the tenacity that Japanese has (頑張ります), as they are responsible and disciplined with the work, they are also people very educated and gentile.
Another point that I admired was very the care with the environment, clean streets, many pretty squares and parks. The recycling is a good solution for the great volume of garbage that is produced in a city, the selective collection in Japan is obligatory, that to guarantees a least exploration to the environment.
To work in Japan was a very important experience, with this I conquered my financial independence, I knew a new culture and a new people, of which I admire very.