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Nov 29, 2012 23:59 korean friends
A week ago, I received a message from a lang-8 user. It's from someone named "everydaysmile." She introduced herself to me as May. She said in a private message something about being here in the Philippines. I was actually glad to know that especially that I have been looking forward to teach someone or be a tutor to someone as a part time job. You see, I don't really have enough money to buy what I need. Though my parents could provide for me, I couldn't just rely on that. So, I save money... thinking that it could actually help me someday if not now. One thing also is that, my phone is not really working well. I want to buy a new one. I looked for a job in the newspaper but either I don't have the qualifications or it's a full time job. I couldn't do that. I am still a student.

I continued studying and saving money.

Last month also, I had a problem. We are required to wear a corporate attire. And guess what, I don't have one. My friend told me, we can buy a set in this mall at the price of 1,100 Philippine Peso. That was way to expensive for me. I was pressured also by the time I only have just to save money. Fortunately, one of my sisters went home. I told her about it. She lend me her pencil cut skirt and blouse, which I thought would not fit me since she has smaller size. I felt happy that it did fit me. I mean, not just fit but it is comfortable to wear. It don't have to hold my breath just to wear it. The problem is I don't have a blazer. So, she gave me money. I thought of going to SM to buy my blazer there but it's very expensive. Some are about 2,000 Philippine Peso. We decided to buy a secondhand blazer. It's what we [my friends and I] can afford. What my sister has given is also more than enough for me. I got excited and so we also planned to buy our high heeled shoes and a doll shoes for me. I really don't like heels but I have to learn to walk on them. And on that day, I spent more than my average expenses for a week or even a month.

Anyway, when I received the message from May. The thought of working to earn money went back to me. So mainly, it got me so excited that I might actually have a job or something. We sent messages to each other as regards to the time and venue where we could meet.

I didn't actually know what to expect or what to put in mind. So I told my friend about it and she also wants to come but not really for the same reason that got me so excited.

On that day, my friend could come. Their family has plan to go somewhere. So after my class, I went there. It was a PE class even so I feel bad of how I look and... smell? Hehe. But it didn't really matter on that time since I can't do anything about it anymore. I went there and called them. While the phone is ringing, I told myself whoever among this koreans answer or check their phones when I call would probably the people whom I'm going to meet.

May answered the phone. [Oops, it's not that person over there]. I only had the clue that she is waiting outside. I looked around. I saw a lady seated alone and the other one is also another lady with a guy. I remembered that she told me she would come with her boyfriend. [That must be them].

I approached them and I was right. They offered me something to drink and we talked for like two hours. I find it amazing that they did really interact with me compared to the other korean students I met inside our university. I also learned a lot about their culture.

So looking at it, I may not really have what I wanted at first but I learned a lot. And knowledge is something more precious than money. I had fun talking to them.

It's just sad that they have to go back to Korea on Tuesday. I hope to meet them again. Or I hope I could also meet friendly people like them again.