I had a dream last night

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Sep 14, 2018 10:01 #journalingchallenge #English
I don't know why but my Japanese coworkers really like to ask me this question "What language do you speak in your dream?"
They've asked this question like a thousand times that I would think "Oh not again" now.
However, I had a strange dream last night.
In the dream, I saw a grass green bug on the wall of my bedroom.
"Is that a stinky bug? If so I need to sort it out." I thought, but I remembered stinky bugs are probabaly not green color, so my next step was to look over the room; ended up I found another 3 grass green mantises.
"I've always closed my door and windows firmly. How did they get into my bedroom?" I doubted.
Even so, I didn't want to kill any of them, thus I decided to try to get them out. Started from the mantis close to the door.
I went out of the door and knocked the floor, suddenly it ran to me with surprising speed which shocked me.
After a few tries, finally I got one out of the room.
Then I woke up at the same moment.
不知道為什麼 我的日本同事常常問我一個問題"你做夢的時候說什麼語言啊"
這個問題被問的次數多到 我會在心裡不耐煩的想"又來了喔" XD
我夢到我看到我的寢室裡有一隻翠綠色的小蟲 爬在牆壁上
"這個該不會是臭蟲吧 如果是的話要趕快處理" 我發現他的時候這麼想
不過我記得臭蟲不是那顏色 所以我又找看看房間的其他地方 結果陸續發現了3隻翠綠的螳螂
我想 "它們怎麼進來的呢 我寢室門窗一直都有關好啊"
因為我不想殺他們 所以打算把它們趕出去 所以從離門口最近的螳螂開始
我在門外敲地板 沒想到它就非常快速的朝我跑過來 嚇我一跳