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What a beautiful day!:)

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Big Big Ant :)

La vida del girasol

Veo tu rostro en cada amanecer. Los colores de la mañana están dentro de tus ojos. El mundo se despierta a la luz del día. Miro al c...
  • 1129
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  • Spanish 
Jun 15, 2013 22:44 español girasol
Big Big Ant :)

Los niños con autismo

Hoy fui a ver a los niños con autismo. La mayoría de ellos ni siquiera notó mi presencia, pero había un niño que le guste, aunque él no m...
  • 891
  • 13
  • 2
  • Spanish 
May 19, 2013 23:14 español
Big Big Ant :)


Soñé koala anoche. Entonces, de repente tengo un fuerte deseo de tener uno como mascota. Creo que voy a ser un buen dueño. Me lo llevo a ...
  • 1158
  • 46
  • 1
  • Spanish 
May 2, 2013 20:07 español koala
Big Big Ant :)

La felicidad está llegando

Tuvimos terremoto en Yaan, Sichuan. Ayer fue el cumpleaños de mi buena amiga. Ella está estudiando allí. Hablamos hasta las 3 de la mañan...
  • 717
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  • Spanish 
Apr 22, 2013 16:01
Big Big Ant :)


I'm coming down with the flu. I have class today, but I skipped it because I need fresh air, then I found it's too windy and cold...
  • 820
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  • English 
Apr 16, 2013 10:41
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Testimonials from My Friends

Salut to the ant king! Salut to the Big Brother! She is the most fantastic and amazing person I've ever met;-). Having a friend like her, you will never feel lonely.:-$

Hi, Big Big Ant, have a good day.
Big Big Ant (aka Huge Huge Ant, aka The Ant King, aka The Self-Proclaimed Most Humble and Magnanimous Person in The World) is as artistic as Picasso, as full of words as an encyclopedia and as ant-like as that band with Adam in it. Her English is excellent and I’m sure that before long her Spanish will be amazing too. In a recent Lang-8 poll, 83.3% of respondents felt that she was a lovely cute ant.
Even though people have write things that I want to write, I still want to give my own testimonial.:P Big Big Ant, the first impression I got from her is, she is a pure and energetic person. She also likes to add oil in my journal. Don't underestimate oil that she gives, it can burn your spirit up.:D 加油,Big Big Ant老弟!(^Д^)フ And thank you very much for always correcting my journal.:D
长乐兄 (Cplus)
I am happy to give Big Big Ant a positive testimonial because her army and herself deserves it. They're all small but it's ironic that they're called Big Big Ant :P Regardless of their size or height, they're friendly, hardworking and lovely. Big Big Ant is known to have an ability to solve complex problems. She corrects my Chinese as if she is nibbling at my faults. haha