08/05/2012 I found great friends!

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Aug 6, 2012 13:50
I'm living at hostel.
I have lived here for a 10 days, and I've got 3 room mates because
usually they stay here not so long time.

Anyway, fotunately we(me, my former room mate and her friend, my room mate)
could gather and we went to some church to see Gaspel show.
Actually it was not exactly "show", It was more like weekly worship.
There were singing people, dancing people, such a good song and pleasant place.
(Plz tell me the example for using the word "pleasant")

I was rhythming with those songs.
When I couldn't understand what they are saying about, I was kind of sad.
So it motivated me.

Then we went to shopping mall, had lunch, went to China town, sat on the beach,
went to Italy town...
While we spent the whole day, we've got closer each other.
We three are peer group so that we have similar interest. Above all about love!

I was so glad that I finally got girl friends who can hang out with me!

We are planning to go somewhere we can stay several nights!
It would be awesome!
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