Chinese Grammar I Think

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Aug 7, 2012 15:31
Chinese ia my mother tongue. I have learned it from my family and my school everyday for sixteen years, but it doesn't mean that I know it indeed, like "grammar". I never need to be worry about it. It's natural,because Chinese doesn't have grammars. Maybe you say that you can find a subject or verb in a Chinese sentence. However, you can not know how you combine them in a corret way. The corret way doesn't exist. Only the way people can understand what you say exist.
This is the purpose why we want to learn more languages.So I should say that I only can help you use it native.

I believe other people may think that and they may point things they feel strange.
My teacher also do the same thing in my articles, even they are usual that he can understand. Writing articles as test is not natural. Teachers like robots give you what they think rigt, and never consider every sentens meaning.I often make the mistake, forgoting there is a person behind characters.

Sometimes I am so sad to believe my thinking. People can not really understand each other. We think we know that, and that is a dream. We put our thinking in others' mouths. Languages are not block. The block is yourself. Please stare others and listen. Put your feet on others' shoese, and you can see more wider world.