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Aug 6, 2012 14:07
In my memory, the lunch my elementary school provided is the best lunch I have eaten. You can eat diffrent cuisines everyday, and have a dessert after meal on Thursday( other days provide fruit ). Most important thing is that they are fresh, because my elementary school have its own kitchen, they hire emploees and professional people to make students' lunch. Some schools would rather contrat to a company which service meals, but conpany's kitchens must make a large quantity to deal with their all oders in all directions. Meals may past a long time to transport to school.When arriving to school, some troubles may happen.

That is not the worst.Now, I need to bear that and have few choices. Because I am half adult, I should determine myself. And my high school doesn't allow the students buy food outside when they are in school. So you need to buy meals in scool or bring food to school.I only can buy meals in scool. That's why I want to back to my elementary school to be their student.

Eating is very important.What you eat influences your health and mood.
Be careful to what you eat.