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Hi anyone who needs help learning english, I am more than willing to help in anyway I can.

I am currently taking up my masters in Mathematics but I am planning to go abroad to either study further or someday take a vacation outside my country.
I am very interested to learn the Japanese language since I hope to maybe someday also visit there.
I have heard from my Japanese friends that not many are well-verse in English there. So if I do visit there, I want to be fluent in the language.

But i also like to engage people in learning english since it is the language most people in the world communicate with. So if you ever need help,
I have skype. =)

I believe that in learning a language, one should have every opportunity to converse in that language.. And maybe along the way you can help me too. =)

here's my skypeID: aliwiwirenebz
here's my facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aliwiwirenebz
I am easily reachable in facebook.
Nice meeting you all friends.

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I have every intention of learning a foreign language. My language of choice? Japanese, Korean and French. I don't know why these l...
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Aug 4, 2012 16:05
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Thank you so much for your kindness! :D