I want to have a new start here

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Jul 30, 2012 22:43
This website is recommended by a friend in YY Voice.I just wanna regain my English in this summer holiday.Although my major is Japanese in the university , I also like English.But with time passing by ,(now I'm going to become a college senior after this summer) my English is almost fallen behind.I hope my English will progress a lot within this summer.
What I've mentioned above is just one reason why I regist in Lang8,and the second reason is that I also want to pour out something in English or in Japanese with someone and through a good way . Then Lang8 just fix my eyes.
So I want to tell something about my losing love here.He is a good boy for me ,a intergrity that I want to be with forever . Like many beginings of love ,we have ever kept a ambiguous relationship.However , it changes soon. He didn't care for me any more ,while I'm still crazy about him. Lately,by reading a comment left in his q-zone, I guess that maybe he has got a girlfriend .To make sure the accuracy,I asked his good friends and finally got the definite answer. Then you will know the feeling , heart full of pain.
But maybe I don't really like him or not enough, now I feel much better. Just sometimes when I think of this brief love ,pain is filling my mind again.
I don't know is there anyone knowing one love story. I read the story with sorrow.It happens in years and years , an old carpenter has a pretty daughter who is young(18 below, maybe 13years old).One day, an middle age comes to be willing to do as a carpenter. An ugly and silly man. Then during about ten years, the middle age work very hard and never ask for salary.What he knows seems only to work and word. You know ,after ten years, the carpenter's daughter has become a mature and beautiful woman.So the carpenter arranges a series of blind date for his daughter.The targets all have a good salary and a suited age.
I have a poor memory,so maybe there is a lot of mistakes in this description.But I remember clearly that the reason why the man stays here and asks for nothing just cause what he wants is only the carpenter's daughter all his life.I'm not sure if the man keep the secret until his death.My poor memory..
A sad story,and it just follows the rules of so many love stories, love is sweet,loss is bitter, but the prcess of love is priceless.
Just as the whole year I was quite fall for him , it's over now though, this memory is incomparable.