A wonderful day in Bangkok

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Aug 2, 2012 22:12
On the last week , I just went to hang out at Siam , Paragon and Central world with with my aussie and French friends. I had met them once time in the last December before we met again. I was just a short time ,but so much fun. we went together and I found myself acting like DEB and Gritta's personal tour guide. I explained the very few Thai words that I knew (Sabaidee mai, Teng Mo Pan, Susu and hong nahm).
It was a great time because we went to Jayesslee 's concert. We conviced the staff to get meet & greet the twin even didn't buy the exclusive price. We told them " Our friends come from Australia and France for your concert. Definitely, it's not real."
It was my first time at the concert. Sonia and Jenice were so friendly.

Great show, and great memories.
Australian , French , Jayesslee ..You guys made my day .. Thank you so much
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