A Meeting for Our Next Class Reunion

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Sep 10, 2019 23:00
I met up with seven classmates from high school at a restaurant on the evening of the day before yesterday.

We had to plan for a class reunion in 2020 as the organizers.

It's mostly held in the same year as the Olympics, and in other words, we do once every four years.

After we set the date and the schedules of preparation for it, one of them called our class teacher and all members talked him in turn.

To our surprise, he told us that he was diagnosed with stomach cancer and got surgery in January this year.

Even though he had his whole stomach removed, his tone of voice suggested he was in good spirits.

After leaving the restaurant, we were walking through the mall to head to the station.

Suddenly a young man called to one of my classmates and me saying, "Good evening, young ladies!"

He said, "I'm from the Kansai TV.

We'd like to have an interview with you guys for a TV show called ”Muneippai Sammitto.”

https://www.ktv.jp/mune/ )

Would it be okay if I talk to you for a few minutes?"

"Oh, I've watched it a few times," I thought.

The classmate immediately refused saying, "Sorry, please ask (real) young ladies."

However, I wanted to know what kind of topics they would ask us at least.













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