What to Say When Someone Knocks on the Restroom Door トイレのドアをノックされた時に言う言葉

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Jul 27, 2019 18:52
I went to a restaurant with three of the members after taking a hula dance lesson on Thursday.

When we had a meal, one of them asked me a question out of the blue.

A: Hapi, I have a question for you. In English, what do you say when someone knocks on the door while you're using the restroom?

Hapi: Well...I've learned it, but I can’t remember right away."

(In fact, I came up with the words "Occupied!" and "Vacant!" at that moment, but I didn't tell her.)

A: One day, when I was in the restroom on the airplane, a cabin attendant knocked on the door kindly to tell me that it was almost time (for the airplane) to land. However, I didn't say anything. Then they knocked louder than the previous one. Should I have knocked on back the door?

Hapi: Ummm, maybe, but it was obvious someone in the restroom, so I don't think you had to do it.

A: Or..., should I have said, "Shut up!"?

(She wasn't making a joke. )

Hapi: What?! I don't think it's right. Saying it would be too harsh. lol

All of us laughed so hard.

I'd like to answer her question, so I searched for and found these expressions below.

I'm in here!
It's occupied!
Hold on! 
Almost done!
Give me a few seconds!
I'll be right out.
Please wait.
Be patient!
Give me a minute!

What would you say when someone knocks on the restroom door?



A: Hapiさん, 質問があるんだけど。トイレ使用中に、そのドアをノックされたら、英語で何と言えば良いの?

Hapi: え~っと、前に習ったんだけど。今すぐに、思い出せないなあ。


A: ある日、私は飛行機のトイレに入っていて、たぶんキャビンアテンダントがもうすぐ着陸するということを伝えるためにドアを「トントン」とノックしたの。だけど、何も言わなかったら、また前よりもっと激しくノックされたの。ノックし返さないと行けなかったのかな?

Hapi: そうだね~。でも、入ってるのは確かだから、別にしなくても良かったんじゃない。

A: それとも...「Shup up!」って言えば良かったのかな・・。


Hapi: え~~っ?!それは違うでしょ。「だまれ!」って言うのはちょっと荒すぎるよ。 笑



Occupied! (入ってます)
I'm in here!(入ってます)
It's occupied!(入ってます)
Hold on! (ちょっと待って)
Almost done!(ちょっと待って)
Give me a few seconds!(ちょっと待って)
I'll be right out.(今出ます)
Please wait.(ちょっと待ってください)
Be patient!(ちょっと待って)
Give me a minute!(ちょっと待って)

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