What a Great Feeling!

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Sep 4, 2016 00:08 work
Guess what, l felt great at work two days ago.

I was like, "That’s awesome! I did it!"

Honestly, to me, it's been hectic on the first and second day of every month.

I'm still not accustomed to using my company system, and making a table in Excel.

The work is related for settlement of accounts once a month.

However, that day I was able to finish one of my duties much earlier than usual.

After I told one of my co-workers that our group's work had finished, I overheard that she said to another co-worker saying in amazement, "Wow. What a surprise! We are going to start our duties almost two hours earlier than usual. That's great!"

I couldn't help but smile.

That was not only worth my effort, but also the cooperation from a plant manager and a client of my company.

Shotly afterward, when the manager called me to tell that their figures were matched with ours, I told him saying, "Thanks to you! You gave me that report much earlier. That was big help to me. Thank you so much."
その後、その主任が数字が合っていたと電話を かけて来た時、「あなたのおかげです。とても早くに報告書をくれたからです。すごく助かりました。ありがとうございました。」と言いました。

Ever since I started working for the current depertment, I've taken over new duties repeatedly, in succession.

It's been a while that I felt such a great feeling.