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Feb 24, 2013 09:07 Skype Lesson Perssonel Transfer
I have been keeping busy for a week. Due to the personnel transfar of my co-worker, Mr.M, I have to the job tasks all by myself again. To tell you the truth, I knew it all along. Though we have worked together for only three months and half, I will miss him because he was so sweet, capable and reliable person. Anyway, it is good for him. I am also very happy that he got a new challenging job at the headquarters.

Now, to return to the tytle, I started taking English conversation lesson on skype on Feb 11th. I registered with Rarejob for weekends course. I took the lessons five times already. Each times I talked with different teachers. I always choose a teacher for a lesson after I listened their voice recodars if their pronouniation are clear to me or not. Most of them were no problem to me, but only a teacher wasn't. They are so nice and friendly, so I am going to continue doing that. However, I heve to think what I want to do during a lesson more concretely.