Preparing for the Test

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Oct 7, 2017 22:26
The Japanese language teaching competency test is held on 22nd October this year. It means that I will take the test two weeks later.

In my Japanese class, the more I learn, the more I get nervous. At home, whenever I start to prepare for the test, I soon become sleepy. I’m sure that most of my friends here on Lang-8 are very smart, so if you have a test, you can plan for and focus on it well. As for me, I always studied and prepared for the term tests at random and at the eleventh hour when I was a student. My bad habit hasn't changed a bit to this day.

Actually, in the test, there is also the listening section. The test is very unique, but it’s very difficult for me to answer them correctly because I haven’t learned phonetics in my class yet. I’d like to share a bit how to answer those phonetic questions with you, but it should be after my test.

In fact, today, my husband drove me to the college where I will take the test on that day. It took about 40 minutes to get there by car. However, if I go there by train and bus, it will take over an hour and a half. My husband is going to America on a business trip again from next Sunday, but he will come back home just before the day of my test. So, I will be able to go there just sitting in my car while my husband is driving.That would be very helpful for me.

Anyway, I'll study hard until that day.

Sorry.., I won’t write the Japanese version today.
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