It Will be Alright! なんとかなる!

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Sep 17, 2017 20:40
Yesterday, a man who I corrected his entry on Lang-8 shared a YouTube video of the TED Talks with me.

I just liked it very much, and I also would like to share it with you.

In the video, the speaker is speaking Japanese in Kansai dialect.

So, of course, I was able to understand what he said 100 percent.

Please take a look at this video below.
I think that it is interesting.

He likes the adventure since he was a kid, and he has overcome many obstacles by the saying, “nantoka naru” in Japanese even though it had seemed to be a big wall for him before he tried to do something.

I think “nantoka naru” means “Well, it'll be alright” in English.

When you want to do something new, you might think it would be too difficult to complete at first.

Then you might hesitate to try to do it, but once you start it and continue to work hard, and in the end, you could accomplish the goal.

I couldn't agree with him more.

Like he said, when you encounter difficulty like a big wall, why don't you step forward, and try to do challenge yourself while saying, "nantoka naru"?

Today, at least, you learned the optimistic, yet encouraging Japanese saying "nantoka naru", didn't you?

昨日、私がLang-8で投稿を添削した人がTED TalksのYouTubeビデオをシェアしてくれました。







「なんとかなる」は、英語では “Well, it'll be alright” という意味だと思います。






今日、少なくとも、楽天的且つ激励的な日本語の表現 「なんとかなる」を覚えましたよね。