The Man Who Collects Secrets

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May 20, 2015 01:05
Do you have a secret you have never told anyone else before? If you do, why don't you write down your deepest confession on a postcard anonymously and send to Frank Warren, who lives in Germantown, Maryland, near Washington, D.C.? He amasses a million secrets now. He created Postsecret website.

Today, I read an article on VOA. I am aware of him and I like his project. He gave his presentation on TED, in March 2012. At that time, he had collected half a million secrets. I really liked his presentation. It was very funny. During his presentation, he read some amusing postcards and it made audience laugh and it also impressed them.

Ah, if you want to confess your secret to me, I'm all ears. I never tell about it to anybody. ^^

"Half a million secrets" TED 2012


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