Beauty and the Beast

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May 31, 2015 00:59
“Beauty and the Beast” is the one of my favorite movies.
When my children were small, we watched many Disney movies, especially, "The Lion King" and this one were very special to me. They were also my son’s favorite ones.

My son lives in Kobe. Last night, he came home. This morning my children and I were in the living room.

【Me】Let’s watch a movie together!

【My daughter】What kinds of movie we are going to watch?

【Me】Guess what? …here you are!

I turned on the TV, and I clicked and started playing the video.

【My son】Oh, “The Beauty and Beast”, eh? That brings back memories.

【Me】You really liked watching it, remember?

【My son】Yea, hahaha

You were always pretending the beast and were acting just like him whenever you watched the movie.

【My son】
Definitely! I vividly remember I was fighting with Gaston.

Oh, tell me about it! You were always wearing substitute a bath towel for the beast’s cape when you were pretending being the beast. You were so cute. I miss those days.

We all laughed.

At the time, my daughter was too small to remember the situations and she also has a little quiet character, so that’s why she was just smiling and laughing all the time during this conversation.

My son and my daughter didn’t watch whole the video and they went out somewhere, but I watched until the end. I still like it very much. It was a very touching story. Maybe, I will try to watch it again to understand more precise words and phrases in English.