Anmachi-Mail from Osaka Prefectural Police

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Jul 29, 2019 21:19
I registered for an information service called "Anmachi-mail" provided by Osaka Prefectural Police on June 16th.

You receive various information you want to know in real time.

You can choose multiple information options; snatching, street robbery, harm to children and women, fraud, public opinion, serious incident, crime warning, etc.

According to the recent reports, a wild 1-meter high Asian Black Bear (aka, moon bear) and some wild monkeys were seen on the mountainside in my city on different dates.

Of course, wild animals are dangerous, so we should beware of them.

However, the news which piqued my interest was that several strange men have attacked women in many places near my neighborhood.

The place where a college girl bumped into a stranger was very close to my house, so I cautioned my daughter sufficiently.

Also, when another woman in her 20s was walking home late at night, a stranger approached her and silently exposed himself.

Police say, "Be especially careful when women walk alone during night time, and if you feel in any danger, call 110 right away."

Reading those kinds of emails almost every day, I became a little anxious about how dangerous life is nowadays.

Osaka Prefectural Police