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Jul 30, 2014 23:20
Do you know the word “Uitemate” mean? If you don't know it, please remember this important password from now on. This word would save your life.

In summer, many people go swimming in the beaches or rivers to swim. Sadly, some people are drowned every year. This year also I hear some sad news from TV almost every day.

Yesterday I heard the happy news that a man was survived by using uitemate. While he was swimming in the ocean two days ago, he had his leg cramp and wasn't able to swim anymore at that time. He thought that he really wanted to live and come back to the ground by any means. He decided to not swim and he let his body face up to the sky, float on the surface of the water calmly and was waiting for a rescue team. Twenty-one hours later, he was fortunately rescued. I think he did very smart way in order to survive.

"Uite" means floating(浮いて), and "mate" means waiting(待て)in Japanese. Please remember the important password, uitemate for your safety when you go swimming or might be caught in an unexpected incident. The password is gradually spread in the world apparently.

I'll put a link about information of uitemate.






「Uitemate」の情報 はここに貼っておきます。
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