Mother's Day

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May 12, 2015 00:37
How was your Mother's Day? 
Did you send your mom a card of thanks or call her?

I received two roll cakes from my son by express delivery. It was delicious. For the next time my son is coming home, I will keep one of them in my refrigerator. My daughter gave me a eau de toilette. It is scent of roses. It smells very good. I'm a lucky mom.

Speaking of roses, my husband, my daughter and I went to a rose garden in the next city of mine last Saturday. The garden was fantastic.The roses blossoms are in full bloom. There were many kinds of roses came from all over the world. We took some pictures. My husband used his digital camera, my daughter used her smart phone and I used my iPad. The scent of roses made me refreshed and I got elegant feeling.

At the same time, some flowers are full of blooms in my small flower containers in front of my house. Some of the flowers bloom annually and it doesn't matter what I take care well. They are really strong by nature.

Anyway, on this Mother's Day, I was glad I got gifts from my children. I really appreciate it. However, the most thing I wish is observing their happiness in their life. My children are happy, I'm very happy too. All mothers think like that way.
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