A Beehive and Snails

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Jun 11, 2016 22:07 Beehive Snails
This morning, I found a small beehive in the balcony.

I was thinking what I should do for the matter, and I searched about how to get rid of a beehive on the internet.

According to a blog, the beehive was not very big, and the bees were not wasps either, so I told my husband that we could use an insecticide spray to kill them.

As soon as he listened to my explanation, he splayed insecticide toward the hive.

Three bees out of four died there, and the other one flew away.

Later, I told my American friend about this when we were talking via Skype.

During the conversation, I suddenly remembered that there were a lot of snails in my front yards when I lived in California.

At that time, I also noticed that the snails were damaging some flowers in my garden.

So, I went to a Home Depot, bought a box of snail bait and sprinkled them.

As a result, the following morning, there were a lot of shells of snails in my yards.

Too many shells, which I had never seen before, made me feel guilty.

Both snails and slugs cause troubles in a garden, but snails look a little cuter than slugs, do you agree with me?

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