“What I saw in Japan” #55 The Speech Competition in Japanese by people who came from different countries

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Jul 11, 2014 20:35

ワタシの見たニッポン~第55回 外国人による日本語弁論大会~
7月12日(土)[Eテレ]放送 午後3:00~3:59

Continuing from yesterday, I'm going tell about the information of NHK TV today, too. I have just found this information, so I’d like to share with you.
This NHK TV program will broadcast at 3pm tomorrow in Japan. If you live in Japan and are learning Japanese, you might be interest in this show. I think all participants could speak Japanese very well, and they will probably talk about somehow their surprising happening and their hard experience living in Japan. I think it is not only good to hear their stories for people who are learning Japanese, but also for Japanese people as well. I will record and watch it later.
If you don’t live in Japan, you can’t watch this tomorrow. I’m sorry about that. However, maybe someone will tape the video and put it on Youtube later so that everybody could watch it. Please wait until then.