Failed to Going on a Diet

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Sep 30, 2012 21:43 cooking diet
Due to Typhoon #17, it has been raining today. I felt freshed and cool all day long, so I did house chore comfortably.

Suddenly, I came up an idea to lose my weight this morning. That was a green smoothie diet which my friends try and recommend. According to a book of green smoothie diet, I thought I should try it only weekend for three weeks. Then I made about a liter of juice using some fruit and spinich and drank. The juice were supposed to substitute meals.

However, after a few hour, Some how I cooked daigaku-imo for a snack and my husband brought some sweets home. Furthermore, I cooked 100 pieces of dumplings for dinner. I couldn't able to stop my appetite in front of those food. I got full as usual. I have a weak will.

I forgot taking photo of dumpling:)