On My First Day of The Golden Week

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May 3, 2015 23:55
Yesterday my husband, my daughter and I went to Kobe by car.

We left our house that afternoon because my daughter had to take a driving practice at the driving school. My daughter and I were sleeping while my husband was driving.

Sorry… daddy. (If I were a Westerner, I would say darling or honey here though.)

At the China town in Nankinmachi, we bought and ate some dumplings called “nikuman”, “tonporo” and “gomadango.” They were delicious.

People work for the shops and the restaurants talked to people in order to sell food or items, or invite them to their restaurants. They spoke Japanese very well even though they have a Chinese accent.

Meanwhile, I also found a rare shop there. It was a Turkish ice cream shop. The Turkish man at the shop was making ice creams and selling them with a smile.

After we left Nankinmachi, we walked around Motomachi and Sannomiya, we bought a lot of clothes in discounted prices at Banana Republic and GAP. While my daughter and I were looking for our clothes to buy and were walking around the shops, my husband was reading a book and was patiently waiting for us for a long time without any complaints. I feel sorry for him if I keep him waiting for such a long time, so we usually go shopping without him though.

Finally, we also went to the first place ramen shop in my city. That was the first time for us visiting there. The ramen tasted great as its reputation.

I spent a great time with my family on my first day of Golden Week.





南京町を離れて、元町、三宮辺りを歩き、Banana Republic と GAPで、たくさんの服を安く買いました。夫はベンチに座って、本を読みながら、文句も言わずに、ずっと待っていてくれました。普段は、夫を長時間待たせるのが可哀想なので、私と娘だけで買い物に行くのですが・・・。