Studied at The Hot Spring

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Sep 15, 2012 19:57 Hot Spring TOEIC
My husband and I went to the Kashida hot spring which is located in Takatuki. It took only 45 minutes from my house by car. We drove through in the trees of green. I felt really refreshed out.

When I went into the hot spring, there were only two women. Soon they left, so it was like a chartered bath for me. Because I have not been a hot spring in a quite while, I was very happy. However, they have not variety of hot springs and the hot water causes a rush of blood to the head, so I have not stayed for a long time.

After we left the hot spring, we have stayed at a room which gests can rest for two and a half hours. Then my husband took a nap with a noise that consists of snoring. I have been studied English for preparing the TOEIC test. What a great idea to study at a hot spring is! I'll have the test on Oct. 21st. It will come soon. I should study English hard to get a better score.

Photo1: The scenery from the room for rest :)
Photo2: The room which I studied English :)
Photo3: The book I studied today ('-^*)/


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