Made a Phone Call to My Friends

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Sep 2, 2012 23:12 Telephone
This afternoon, my husband and I called a married couple who live in the U.S. We haven't talked to them for a long time. When my family moved to the states in 2000, we lived the same apartment complex. They were very kind just like our real parents. They are not only nice to us, but also many Japanese family there.

We often talked in the courtyard for long time. At that time, I couldn't speak English, however they understood me and listened to me patiently. Luckly, the wife is Japanese, so she remember to speak Japanese a little.

Anyway, speaking English on the phone is very hard every time. I was not able to express what I wanted to say about fifty percent or less. I was so dissapointed myself, but they praised me that I still keep English skill. The compliment makes me feel relief.

Suddenly, the buttery of the phone was flat, so we had to say good-bye immediately.(^_^;)
I want to practice speaking English more.