Missing Cellphone Returned to America from Japan やさしい日本語ニュース

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Jul 12, 2014 20:34
I am going to translate this news in English for my practice today. I think I might make a lot of mistakes, sorry.


Kevin Whitney works for an agriculture in Oklahoma in the South America. He dropped his cellphone from pocket at his grain warehouse Last October. The grain at the warehouse was imported into Japan. About over eight month later, in the end of May, the company that was imported the grain called him, and told that his cellphone was founded in the grain. Then it returned to him. His cellphone was found at Tomakomai port in Hokkaido.The cellphone with Grain traveled starting from Oklahoma State, went across the Mississippi river, the Panama Canal, and Pacific Ocean and finally arrived in Japan. He said, “I am very glad that my cellphone got back to me because it had a lot of my precious pictures. I felt that the world is such a small.” This News was carried on TV and was put on the internet in the States. People who watched the news said, “Japanese people are very honest.” “I was really impressed that such a nice person could still be in the world”, and they admired the Japanese who kindly gave him back the cellphone.
携帯電話が見つかった場所は北海道の苫小牧港という港でした。携帯電話は穀物と一緒にオクラホマ州からミシシッピ川とパナマ運河、そして太平洋を通って、日本に着きました。ホイットニーさんは「大事な写真がたくさん入っていたので、戻ってきてよかったです。世界は本当に小さいと思いました」と喜んでいました。このニュースは、アメリカのテレビやインターネットにも出ました。. ニュースを見た人たちは「日本人は正直な人たちだ」とか「こんなにいい人たちがまだいると知って驚いた」と言って、携帯電話を返した日本人をほめています。