Happy New Year, Everyone!

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Jan 1, 2016 21:08

Today I found an interesting culture gap of a greeting, “Happy New Year!” between in Japanese and in English.

Some of you already said this “明けましておめでとうございます!(Happy New Year!)” in Japanese to your Japanese friends or wrote it in your posts, didn’t you?

If you did it before January 1 at Japan Standard time, your friends would probably have given you a correction or a comment something like “Today is still on Dec 31. It is a little bit early to say the greeting. We would say “良いお年を!”on New Years’ Eve or earlier.”

So, if you would say “Happy New Year!” in English, it apparently would be okay even before January 1, but not in Japanese because it sounds weird.

It is very confusing for you, insn't it?

Strictly speaking, you would greet to people by saying like this:"今年はお世話になりました。 良いお年を! ”until pm 11:59 Dec 31.

You would start saying "明けまして、おめでとうございます。”from when it will turn at am 0:00 on Jan 1.

I would translate the two following sentences like these:

"Hope you have a Happy New Year!"  (until Dec 31)
「良いお年を! 」

"Happy New Year!"  (start from Jan 1)

It was a little difficult for me to explain about this topic well.

Also I'm not sure that my idea is correct.

Did you understand what I mean?

Thank you for reading!


今日、あいさつ“Happy New Year!”の日本語と英語との間で、興味深い文化の違いがあることに気づきました。

だから、英語で“Happy New Year!” と言う場合は、1日またはもっと早くに言ってもいいようなのですが、日本語ではちょっとおかしいので駄目なのです。

厳密に言うと、12月31日の11時59分までだれかにあいさつする場合には、「今年はお世話になりました。 良いお年を!」のように言います。



"Hope you have a Happy New Year!"  (~12月31日)
「良いお年を! 」

"Happy New Year!"  (1月1日~)