My Strategy of Increasing New Words and Phrases

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Jul 6, 2014 00:16
Some of you might have already known that I like watching movies and dramas in English. When I watched them at the first time in the states, I wasn't able to hear and understand anything at all. I almost gave up. It wasn't easy to understand anything. I thought that nothing could be done about it, because I’m Japanese and not good at English.

However, one day, a friend of mine said she enjoyed watching movies in English when we lived in California. Her family and our family moved to America at the same time because our husbands worked for the same company. After hearing that, I was disappointed at myself. “Why she can do it, but I can’t?”

Then I started trying to push myself and being eager to watch movies as much as I could. I went to the local library to check out some videos once a week. After my husband and children slept, I stayed up late to watched movies every night.

Just imagine. If you can’t watch any TV in your mother of tongue, most of people might feel frustrated somehow. However, once if you get accustomed to living in the tough environment, your language skills will improve a lot. The most important thing was that just is patient. The more I watched the movies, the more I increased words and phrases. It is always easier for me to memorize new words in the movies than to read a book because I can remember the word with the scene.

My strong point is listening now. I think watching movies and things is good listening practice and also review. It's a very low energy way to review assuming you are actively trying to hear and decipher the words.

I think some people who watch movies in another language don't put much brainpower into it and then I think the benefit is very limited.