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Hi! Everyone!
I’m Happiness. I live in Osaka. I lived in California for five and a half years.
I want to improve my English writing ability, so please correct my sentences if I make any mistakes. I'm definitely willing to help Japanese learners as much as I could.

I would like to make a lot of friends on lang-8 and I would be very glad if you could correct my posts and leave some comments or messages.

Japanese Particles: Wa VS Ga

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Practical Training With native lang

Yesterday, in my Japanese class, my teacher suddenly announced us that we would do our practical trainings on teaching next Tuesday. I...
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  • English 
Aug 23, 2017 22:54

Do You Know What Day This Is? With native lang

If you look at my profile, you can’t miss the answer. Did you check it out? You’re right, today is my birthday. Needless to say...
  • 317
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  • English 
Aug 14, 2017 23:16

Learning Japanese With native lang

I’ve been taking a class to learn how to teach Japanese to people from other countries since April. My teacher tells us that it is imp...
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  • English 
Aug 12, 2017 19:53

How Lucky am I! With native lang

How Lucky am I! As a matter of fact, I’ve been increasing many new friends in the world. As I wrote in my previous entry, I had been...
  • 228
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  • English 
Aug 1, 2017 23:57

Would you mind if I asked why you picked the name as your username on Lang-8? With native lang

Recently, many different names and nicknames have piqued my interest. There are many people on this site. Many interesting username...
  • 512
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  • English 
May 20, 2017 18:21
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Discuss English Every Day!
Hello my friends, Allow me to welcome you all to this group! ^^ In here, you can write about an...



話題は何でも。日本語の疑問でも、言い回しでも、その他なんでも思いついたことや今日あったことなど。「書いて添削を受ける」というのとはまた違う日本語の練習。 とにかく、まちがっても変でもいいか...

Testimonials from My Friends

Happiness......Just like her name, she always makes us happy. She is one of the best Lang-8 users. She is not only friendly but also intellectual. You will certainly improve your Japanese if you constantly read her essays. I highly recommend her as your teacher and friend.
A famous celebrity from Osaka, Happiness spends her time helping friends who are struggling with Japanese. Her mission in life is to spread happiness around the world, or as you say in Japanese 「幸せにする」
I can't believe I haven't written a testimonial for Happiness yet! She's such a kind, polite and patient person, and her English is really good! Not only has she made numerous corrections for me but she also leaves really nice comments, and I can't thank her enough. Seeing things like her thirty-day challenge also motivate me to further my own studies! All in all, I'm so glad I met her!