Daily Blog - Favourite season of the year

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Jul 23, 2012 18:21
I personally feel that all of the seasons can be liked for something. For example: The winter because of snow and Xmas, the spring because of the resurgent nature and the autumn because of its beautiful colours.

But I like the summer all the best. Maybe I liked it in childhood because of summer holiday. I don't know, but sure the summer is full of life. You can spend your time in the open. This is the period of holidays, excursions, garden parties, festivals, open-air programmes, swimming and of course the sports. In addition you can drink and eat great drink and meals at this time. For example the juicy and fresh fruits and juice. The people are draw together by these prgrammes and good foods and drinks. The summer is superb occasion on evolving and sinking of our ship, it may be friendly, love or familyrelationship.

It's my opinion. What d you believe?