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Jul 14, 2012 00:03 Festival
Hi Everybody,

The summer time equal the season of festivals in Hungary too (or mainly in Hungary???). Bags of music festivals are at this time. The party and music are in the focus but these festivals provide facilities sport, caraoke, theatricals and other entertaining programmes but you can spend your time serious things as talk about the politics, literature or history. There are festivals on quasi all areas of our country in every summer. Of course in Szeged as well. Where was my best ever festival. Szeged is one of Hungarian most beautiful city. We can be found one of the country's big universities here: The University of Szeged. (I studied here.) So Szeged and its students have a own festival: The Szeged Juvenile Days. (Szegedi Ifjusági Napok - SZ.I.N.) SZIN is the ending festival in the summer. It was organized August's final days. I attended this festival 3 years ago when I was student. It was an amazing experience to me. I went to here with my friends and I didn't sleep too much during 3 days. :) But I saw and listened all bands or musicians who I wanted. And what do I do in this year? I go to the Campus Fest in Debrecen. Do you come too? ;)