A Short Travel to the Zoo

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Jul 1, 2019 18:04
A Short Travel to the Zoo

Yesterday I went to the zoo with my boyfriend, Nanjing Hongshan Zoo. It was so hot outside.

I saw a lot of animals there, and some animals has left me with deep impression. For example, red panda/fire fox, chimpanzee, panda.

I like red panda very much because they are so cute. And yesterday I was a little disappointed because they were all asleep when I saw them. I stayed there for a long time but none of them awake. And they lay on some hidden places, you can barely discover them.
Ah, hot air make you sleepy.

And I like chimpanzee too because they are so clever. Last time I went to the Zoo those chimpanzees were also there, and we had a lot of the interesting interactions with them. These chimpanzees were located in a big closed room, and we can see them through glasses. However, the roof of the room was not closed, it was open and covered with mesh wire. And those chimpanzee will point to a certain place and ask people outside to give them food. I remember once people gave them a big fruit which the hole didn't allow it to pass through. The clever chimpanzee used his figure and mouth together, ate it little by little, until it's small enough to go through the mesh wire. That's so interesting. You can really feel that the chimpanzees are so clever. You can also feel the hirachy among the chimpanzee society. When one big chimpanzee was there, he didn't allow the other chimpanzee to get close to him. And he only share a little with the female and the baby chimpanzee.

The only things that makes me uncomfortable is, chinpanzees and humans are so alike. You can feel their emotions. When they are not happy, you can feel their anxiety and sadness. I think it is not moral to cage high-intelligence animals. They are not our prisoners. At least they deserve a much bigger room and a small open forest. Some trees, at least.

And the third animal which impress me most was the panada. As China's most popular animal, they has their own house, Panada House. And their space is much larger comparing to other animals. I guess all the work for the panada is to sit there and eat bamboos. They are so cute. black ears, Black eyes, black mouth, black arms, black feet, and other parts are white. These simple combination together, OMG so cute. And you can feel their life in the zoo is quite comfortable. I found some data there, saying that before in the wild, the life of the panada is about 18-20 years old. However, in the zoo, while in the zoo, under capative conditions, their life exceeds! The recorded longest lifespan is 38 years old. So, from these data, you can know that they really have a comfortable life there. I really want to have a small panada of my own. Oh, no, I mean I want to spend some time with them.

Wish next time I went there, I can see more interesting animals.