My apartment location / 住居について

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Aug 18, 2012 07:07
My office is located within walking distance of my apartment.
When I first came to America, I thought about where I should live.
I didn't think about the local school system due to my kids are too young, so I decided to live in a town closer to my office instead.
The reason that came to my mind was I don’t like to drive a car.
When I was in Japan, I traveled to my company by bicycle every day.
When I’m biking, I can forget about all the things and so I’m able to keep a positive attitude.
I mean, exercising has a good effect on my mind and body.
At first, I tried looking for places in a neighboring town, but then I found an apartment much closer to my office, and so I just chose to live there instead.
I'm not satisfied with the amenities of the apartment, but I'm satisfied the distance. It would give me more time for communicating with my family.