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Jul 26, 2017 10:37 markbellis made 8 corrections for The difference of cellerpho...
Jul 22, 2017 11:45 Vermilion made 11 corrections for 1st week in Toronto
Have a nice time!
Jul 19, 2017 10:52 Christo made 7 corrections for English School Started!
Jul 17, 2017 17:26 hipposofdeath made 10 corrections for Working Holiday Started
This caught my attention because of Toronto; I live here! I hope you enjoy your time here, there's always something fun happening and...
Jul 24, 2009 09:48 takkyuuplayer commented on after long time
Thank you very much. It should be changed to "prepares", since the nominative is "An educational", singular. Right?
Jul 23, 2009 10:57 Betty commented on after long time
The part B and the third question should be c.
May 5, 2009 23:59 takkyuuplayer commented on Movie
Thank you for corections. WALLE was a good movie.
May 5, 2009 22:50 マリッサ made 2 corrections for Movie
WALLEを見た時、私の頃の中にいい気持ちです。 英語は上手です!
Apr 25, 2009 21:55 takkyuuplayer commented on Seminor
Thank you for many corrections. I'll check spell mistakes from now on before I post diary. Could I add you my friends list?
Apr 25, 2009 21:27 YaLun made 8 corrections for Seminor
I'm glad it wasn't too hard!
Apr 19, 2009 11:46 takkyuuplayer commented on Piano concert for freshmen.
Thank you for correcting my jornal. I would like to mean unofficial participant or without prior application by "allcomers"....
Apr 19, 2009 06:37 Saheen made 6 corrections for Piano concert for freshmen.
Sounds like a really great concert! I'd really love to learn how to play the piano, but I still haven't done it!