1st week in Toronto

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Jul 22, 2017 10:26
It's passed almost a week since I came to Toronto. I made some school friends and went museums.

Yesterday, I went to store to buy Canadian beers and a clerk asked me to show ID. I handed in my passport and the clerk compared it with their available ID documents list. I was right that I always had kept my passport near me.

I need to prepare 3 things to work in Canada. I already have 2 of them, phone number and social insurance number. I'll get bank account next week.
I had planed to live with host family only for a month and find a room in shared house. But my host family is really nice and what I feel uncomfortable is only the distance between our home and school (It takes about 1 hour). So I wonder I should expand my homestay to focus on doing things related to find job.