The difference of cellerphone network between Canada and Japan

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Jul 25, 2017 11:16
# Monthly cost

Cost in Canada is higher than Japan. I had used u-mobile SIM card with 3GB/month capacity in Japan. It had costed 1580 JPY.
In canada, I use phonebox with 1GB/month capacity and it cost 40 CAD = 3500 JPY.

# Public Wifi

In Japan, it's difficult to find free public Wifi. In Canada we can easily find it.

# What will happen if we exceed the capacity?

In Japan, the network speed will be limited but no extra charge. In Canada, they don't limit network speed but automatically charge us 5CAD/100MB so we need to take care about the data usage by ourselves.

# Phone call and SMS message

In Japan, it costs based on contracted plan. For example, in my u-mobile plan, it costs 10JPY/30sec (using u-call app). In Canada, they are unlimitedly free. I wonder why app like WhatsApp are in use even though SMS/calls are free in Canada

# The covered area

In Japan, network is alive even in moving train in subway. In Canada, network is unavailable even in platform in subway.