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Jul 7, 2012 10:57
I made a big mistake just now.I forgot to keep the draft when I wrote the diary.Then all things are done,I clicked the "publish".The page was wrong!So I have to write it again and I'm mad at it!
I was very disappointed about my action of watching the film.I had a strong headache before the film began only 5 minutes and I couldn't endure it anymore.I had to sleep in the cinema and I only knew the general content of the film.It was the hunger games!It was IMAX!Maybe it is the big screen that made me had a headache.I would never seen IMAX again!
Then I went to rottisserie for supper with my friends.We played in the Tom Bear.To my surprise,I got a plush toy which is very cute!The moment I got home,I hung it up in my bedroom.
I'm used to this kind of healthy life.Do some exercised,watch some films,read some books,that's exactly what I want.But there is just one pity that I'm eager to travel around different countries,even in the world.I saw a saying on the Internet."If you don't go out,you would think this is the world."But the world is big,I wish that I could expand my horizons and meet many people during my trips!

Okay,that's all.My dear friends,I will be very grateful if you can add some beautiful phrases to my diary.Thank you all!