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Hi I'm korean.. if you want, I can help you with korean
Because I love korean really... so I will help you hardly!!:>
and... I'm studying english and spanish!
I think spanish is more difficult for me..T.T
I want to learn both of them well..
although now my ability is not very good haha *.*..
I believe I can speak foreign language very well sometime..
Learning foreign language is not easy but really interesting!
I hope.. we become good friend with.. help each other:-)
humm my hobbies are.. reading book, watching movies and
searching animal photos or information etc...
I like animals!.. I'm interested in mystery or nature..^^
and.. I like to watch documentary program.
There are so many things that I like.. so I can't write them all
Anyway... nice to meet you..:-)

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approach and contact

Hi I have a question about 'approach' and 'contact' I think 'contact' means more physical and direct touch than ...
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Oct 20, 2013 12:31
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Testimonials from My Friends

hello ... I will help you with your Spanish, you can ask anything you want ..... hola... yo te ayudare con tu español, puedes preguntar todo lo quieras....