Taiwan (台湾)Part 3

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Jun 3, 2019 12:16 experience trip language
During my stay in Taiwan, I met four tour guides who speak Japanese.

Since it was only three-day trip, each of them spent just a few hours with us.

Their Japanese were pretty good.

I was surprised to hear there were more than 100 guides for Japanese tourists in the very agent.

Maybe more and more people have visited Taiwan lately.

The guides always introduced themselves first.

“My name is XXXX. Would you repeat after me?”

We, Japanese tourists in the bus, tried hard to imitate her.

“Hmm. That’s wrong. Try again.”

We tried again.

“… Wrong. Okay, forget it.”

We all sighed with an embarrassed smile.

I knew Chinese pronunciation was very tricky, and I’m sure our pronunciation was far from correct one.

However, I don’t think those guides’ gesture was inspiring.

After having several guides doing the same thing, I came to feel nervous to say even simple Chinese words like 謝謝.

Generally, Taiwanese people were kind and friendly, though.