Owl Café (ふくろうカフェ)

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Oct 8, 2018 22:07 experience
Do you know of “owl café?”

It’s been getting more and more popular in Japan lately.

A lot of owl cafes have opened across the country.

I found one near my city and visited there out of curiosity.

It was not very large.

There were small tables and chairs to sit and drink.

Against the walls, bars were installed, and various kinds of owls were sitting on them.

I looked around the room and could see more than fifteen owls.

They looked cute.

You can touch them and feed them if you like.

I was excited.

Their feathers were soft and smooth.

I took a lot of photos with owls one by one.

Every bird was on a leash so that it can’t fly away.

They looked like stuffed birds unless they didn’t sometimes turn their head.

There were some customers saying they had visited the café dozens of times.

They said the owls always give them inner peace.

I understand what they meant.

I enjoyed watching and touching owls there for one and half hours.

However, later I was wondering if it might be quite a torture for owls to be forced to sit on the bar all day, to be touched by strangers.

They can’t fly there although birds are supposed to fly.

Now I feel a little guilty.