A Sad Story of You-Killed-Your-Brother Plant  Part 2   (弟切草の悲しい話2)

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Aug 13, 2018 15:39 folktale
This is the continuation of the last entry of mine.

He built a magnificent grave for his brother.

He no longer wanted to marry the woman.

He just visited his brother’s grave every day.

One day, he found a flower that he had never seen before beside the grave.

The flower and its leaves had black spots on them.

They looked like stains of blood.

“Yellow is my brother’s favorite color.

These black spots must be his blood.

This probably shows that he still hates me…”

Later, people learned this sad story and they named this plant Otogiri-So or You-Killed-Your-Brother Plant.

That’s why the plant has such a sad name.

By the way, it is known as a good medical herb.

It’s used to heal scratches or cuts.

They say that Buddha felt sorry about this sad story and he gave the special healing power to the plant.

You can see some images of the flower.