Am I Ignored?

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Aug 20, 2012 14:54 depression
When someone whose entry I corrected gives me thanks points or replies to my comment, I see notices and I go to their pages to read them. However, without the notices, I hardly remember who I corrected. I just want to help others who are studying Japanese and I don’t expect any reward.

The other day, however, I happened to visit and read someone’s entry that I had corrected and commented before. There were tons of corrections and comments on it, I read through them. I was shocked.
She has given thanks points to almost all corrections, but not to mine. She has replied to most of the comments, but not to mine.

Is she ignoring me?
Does she dislike my comment because I didn’t agree with her opinion on the entry?
I’ve corrected many entries of hers and corresponded comments with her for years.
If she deliberately ignored me, I’m really sad.

Maybe she just overlooked my comment because she got so many ones.
Maybe she just forgot to give me thanks points.

However, I couldn’t help feeling down.

I shouldn’t have visited the entry page again.

しかし先日何気なく、前に私が添削とコメントをした、ある人の日記を見に行きました。そこにはたくさんの添削やコメントがついていましたので、私はそれらに目を通していきました。 そして、ショックを受けました。