Hat or Hut?

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Jul 30, 2012 09:12 language English japanese vocabulary surprise
Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and there are a lot of Pizza Hut restaurants in Japan, too. The logo is familiar to most Japanese people. (The first picture)

When I visited L.A. last month, I saw one of the Pizza Hut and suddenly noticed that the spelling was “Hut,” not “Hat.” I was confused. Was it correct? Was it a kind of joke or parody?

I asked my American friend about it. She answered that it WAS hut not hat.
Actually I didn’t even know the word “hut.”
She explained that “hut” means a small house.
“Then what about the red hat on its logo?”
“It’s not a hat but a roof of a hut.”
I was very surprised. I had always believed that the logo had a red “hat” and the name of the restaurant was “Pizza Hat” until then. It had been obvious for me and I’d never doubted it.

Pizza Hut is usually just called and written “ピザハット” and there is no difference between “hat” and “hut” in Japanese. I mean, both “hat” and “hut” are “ハット” in Japanese.

Am I the only one who thought that the name and the red figure was a hat?
I asked it on twitter yesterday, and at least 5 people replied that they also thought so. (all of them are Japanese)
Only one friend knew that it depicts a roof of a hut and she showed me a picture of the restaurant. (the second picture) Wow, the roof looks exactly like the one on the logo!

I wonder why I didn’t notice that even though I’d seen Pizza Hut restaurants many times. I googled pictures of the restaurants, and found out that most Pizza Hut restaurants don’t have that type of roofs any more. (the third picture)
That’s why I didn’t know the shape of the roof.

I wonder if English speaking people never thinks that the red one on the logo is a hat.

先月私がロサンゼルスを訪れた時、ピザハットを見かけて突然、その綴りが「Hat」ではなく「Hut」であるということに気づきました。私は混乱しました。これは正しいのかしら。 なにかのジョークかパロディなのかしら。

私はとても驚きました。私はそれまでずっと「ピザハット」は「Pizza Hat」だと思っていたし、ロゴマークは赤い帽子だと思っていたからです。私はそれを疑ったこともありませんでした。



私だって、ピザハットの店を何度も見たことがあるのに、なぜそれに気づかなかったのでしょう。 私はピザハットの店の画像を検索してみました。 すると、今ではほとんどのピザハットの屋根はそのような形ではないとわかりました。(3枚めの写真)