Better Not to Say (言わぬが花だったのに)

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Jun 10, 2019 22:34 experience
Our community has a sports day every year.

Every household gets an invitation card to it.

It has a raffle that has a number.

When you go to the event, you put its stab into the box.

During the lunch break, the staff member takes stabs from the box and reads the number.

If you have the one with the number, you can have a present.

However, if you aren’t there at that time, the winning ticket will be invalid and another stab will be chosen from the box,

When I have other plans and can’t take part in the event, I give my raffle to one of my neighbors who is going.

This year, I gave it to her again like last year.

She looked happy thanked me, because with my ticket, her chance would be double.

Then she remembered and added that the one I had given last year won a 3000-yen voucher for the local market.

I had a mixed feeling.

If I didn’t give it to her, it would have just been wasted.

However, I can’t help but feel like she had gotten what I should have had.

I wish she hadn’t informed me of her winning.
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