Taking Care of my Nephew

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Jun 4, 2012 14:43 children sitting
This weekend, I visited my sister’s family.

She was planning to go to a musical event for kids with her son on Sunday, but another plan came up to her. Her husband has been had a cold for a while and he was not able to go instead of her.

Then I was asked to bring the boy to the event. That’s why I went to their house on Saturday to spend all day Sunday with my nephew.

The boy is 10 years old. He is smart and friendly to everyone. I have always felt that his parents were too hard to him especially when I heard his father chastise him with harsh words.

After being with the boy from 8 am to 5 pm, I realized how tough to take care of the boy. Since he is already 10 years old, I didn’t have to take care of him in a meaning. However he often annoyed me and it was stressful.

He said he wanted to go to another event as well. I checked and said it was impossible because of the time schedule but he wasn’t convinced for a while.
He wanted to stop by a café to eat cakes and kept insisting.
He wanted to go to the park on the way home. I said, “OK, but only 5 minutes.” He wouldn’t move even after 15 minutes until I pretended to leave him.

Of course I did enjoy the event with him and he was not always a naughty boy, but I was exhausted at night when I finally got home.

Now I can imagine how hard to raise a boy like him though he has lots of good points.